Whole30 – Round 2

I had tremendous results from my first whole30, losing 9 pounds, and also generally feeling and looking better.  You would think it would be easy, with such clear-cut outcomes, to keep it up, but it was surprisingly difficult to start a second Whole30.  I'd think about it, and then have a beer.  I'd eat corn ...

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It really does start with food – a Whole30 report

If you read my recent guest post on The OakFin, you may recall my struggles with weight after Gus was born. This is what I wrote about food: Now, if you know me, you know that I do have a sweet tooth.  Despite that, I do eat a pretty reasonable diet.  We all do, since we use ...

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Betty Crotchitt’s New Parent Guide

Bumbo Time

Whenever I hear about someone I know having a baby, I immediately want to swoop in and tell them everything I've learned!  I mean, I've successfully raised my child for almost 2 years.  Of course that makes me qualified to advise new parents and parents-to-be! The only problem is, there's so much to ...

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Betty Crotchitt’s New Parent Guide – All The Stuff


This post is about all that stuff you need.  Or don't need.  Or might need.  Or want.  Or... well, you'll see. A Place for Sleeping A place for your baby to sleep is a good thing to have ready in advance, but be prepared to be flexible on this.  After all, it's your baby who will ultimately ...

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Betty Crotchitt’s New Parent Guide – Resources


As the saying goes, it takes a village.  These days, most of us don't have that kind of support in our lives.  Maybe your family lives too far away or you don't know many other parents.  Maybe you and your partner both have to work full-time to make ends meet.  Whatever your situation, you likely ...

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Betty Crotchitt’s New Parent Guide – Cloth Diapering

I think a lot of people still think that cloth diapering is hard.  The truth is it's pretty easy and much less expensive than disposables. I think I've spent at most $500.00 in two years on diapers and accessories.  Even with some costs for detergent and water use, it's still nothing compared to the ...

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The E-Book Money Pit

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I love my Kindle.  It has been almost a year since I received it as a gift from my father-in-law, and I can't imagine life without it anymore.  Books, books, books, all at the touch of a button!  First I furiously read through all the Hunger Games books, then the George R.R. Martin series.  On and ...

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187 Ways to Entertain Your Toddler

A rare glimpse of Gus sitting down

The internet abounds with blog posts about how to keep your toddler occupied on a rainy day.  Every day I see more of these on Pinterest, and they look so enticing!  I frantically pour over them looking for the magic activity that will keep Gus occupied for a bit of time, but it seems like a ...

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There’s more to life than babies

Really!  You may not believe it by looking at my blog posts over the last two years, but I do enjoy some time to pursue the other things I love.  By "some time" I mean the 30 minutes before I go to sleep each night, and by "the other things I love", I am really ...

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Almost Two


It is quite an adventure, wrangling an almost-two-year-old.  Okay, he's 19 months old, but close enough.  He's sometimes a baby and sometimes a little boy, the two states occasionally at odds with each other.  The little boy wants to play with toy cars, but the baby wants to snuggle with mommy (that's our current catchword ...

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