The work of a Sunday

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стартер как подсоединить провода Last week I had a dream about not finding anything in my closet that fit anymore.  While I do have plenty of maternity clothes, I thought that a skirt would be a comfortable option as I get bigger and bigger, so I set out to make one.

enter Using this tutorial I found on the web, today I made my first garment in over ten years.  It’s not going to get me on Project Runway, but for a first try, I think it will be good to have for work in the coming months:

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2 Responses to The work of a Sunday

  1. Inga says:

    archeage закончились квесты что делать You look awesome! And the skirt is way cool too :)

  2. камень флюорит магические свойства и кому подходить What a great idea! How creative you are!! The skirt is terrific and you look wonderful.

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