http://vip-kerama.ru/content/kakoy-maliy-biznes-vigoden.html Most of my interests will fall among these few categories: Yarn, Baking, Dogs and Books.  This is the place to find out what I’m reading or making, or just plain loving at the moment.Me

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  1. Pat says:

    http://stroimaster40.ru/disqus/22.html I have an inquiry about some yarn you have had ‘stashed’ since 2008 marked not for sale on Ravelry. I have a project that requires just two skeins of DiVe Mohair Kiss Ombre (710)–the same amount ‘stashed’–and haven’t been able to find it anywhere for sale. If you have changed your mind about selling the yarn, could you please reply to this email? Actually, could you reply one way or the other? Many thanks!

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