Has it really been a year?

Look at my feet!

отек после ушиба ноги чем лечить Wow - almost a full year since my last post! A lot has changed around here - someone's been growing up! Sometime after that last post, Gus started moving around, and that put an end to my "playing on the laptop while parenting" phase. If my laptop is even open while he is around now, ...

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EC Update

Look at my feet!

core i7 740qm характеристики One month later, and we're seeing some definite progress.  Gus now pees on cue most of the time.  Instead of waiting for him to go potty, I make a brief cue sound, and usually he goes potty right away.  If he doesn't, I feel more confident that he doesn't need to go at the moment, ...

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Gus enjoys his diaper-free time

http://forteconengg.com/sharre/shema-gigienicheskoy-obrabotki-ruk.html Remember everything I said about poop last week?  Well, it was luck - all luck!  This week, we haven't caught a single poop.  In fact, the first poop of the week was a silent explosion in the Bumbo.  The prefold Gus was sitting on protected the environment from the event, but Gus didn't fair so ...

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My Baby is a Potty Wizard

Diaper-free time is fun!

http://africandance.com.au/disqusion/34.html This week, we took things a step further.  Instead of only an hour each day, I kept Gus diaper-free as much as possible.  First thing in the morning, while getting ready for work, and again in the afternoon/evening when I was home again.  Although I usually missed the first pee of the day, I made ...

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Infant Potty Training – Week One

Diaper free hour for Gus

go Infant Potty Training.  Elimination Communication.  Whatever you call it, it seems to be the latest new thing for babies.  I had never heard of it until late in my pregnancy.  While the idea was intriguing, I didn't think EC was for us.  I thought that it would be too difficult to do as a working ...

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The First Four Months

4 months old and playing with Summer.

go   Here we are, four months later!  These first months of motherhood have been a roller coaster of highs and lows, trials and triumphs.  I'm thankful that we started out on a high, with such a wonderful birth.  Being a new mother has been full of surprises, with challenges both expected and unexpected, and ...

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August Michael’s Birth Story

We finally meet Little Gus

http://open-emr.noblesmart.com/disqusion/36-zavarival-chay-i-pil.html заваривал чай и пил August Michael Sinkula made his debut on December 1, 2010 at 1:01 pm.  He weighed 7 lb 10 oz.  Here is the story of his birth, as I experienced it. My labor began around 12:45 am Wednesday December 1st.  I had gone to bed around 10:30 or 11, and I woke up, as usual, to use ...

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Change is upon us

34 Weeks 4 Days

как делать холодный чай   Only 4 weeks left until our official "due date", and it sometimes feels like I've been in this state of pregnancy forever.  While I do miss quite a few things, such as a good beer or a strong cup of real coffee every morning, pregnancy has actually been a great experience for me.  ...

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The work of a Sunday

Last week I had a dream about not finding anything in my closet that fit anymore.  While I do have plenty of maternity clothes, I thought that a skirt would be a comfortable option as I get bigger and bigger, so I set out to make one. Using this tutorial I found on the web, today ...

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Spinning and the belated painted rooms


Learning to Spin Because I needed yet another hobby on which to spend time and money, I'm learning to spin!  Thanks to Inga for showing me how, and guiding me through this awkward new craft.  My first lesson was at my May stitch-n-bitch.  I was introduced to the drop spindle, and the basic mechanics of spinning, ...

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